EA Procurement Policy & Procedures

EA Procurement Service complies with Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy (NIPPP) and Central Procurement Directorate Procurement Guidance Notes. 

These underpin the procurement policies and procedures within EA.  Current policy and best practice can be accessed here.

The table below outlines current EA Procurement Control Limits: 

EA Procurement Control Limits

Value Process
1. Up to £4,999

A minimum of 2 quotations are obtained by the requisitioner to demonstrate the value for money has been achieved.

2. £5,000 to £29,999

A minimum of 2 tenders are invited by EA Procurement via eTendersNI. The process is restricted to selected tenderers only.

3. £30,000 to EU Thresholds  

Tenders are openly advertised on eTendersNI. The process is open to all potential tenderers.

4. Above EU Thresholds

Tenders are openly advertised on eTendersNI and within OJEU. Tenders shall comply with the regulated EU public procurement process.


Last updated: 10/03/2020