Templates and Guides

The ‘ea Think Data’ resource hub has been developed for all staff, schools, youth groups, governors and education sector stakeholders to prepare for GDPR.

This will be updated on an ongoing basis with support documentation as we continue to prepare for the introduction of the new Data Protection legislation ahead of May 2018. 

Guidance for Schools : Consent to use Personal Information

Schools should be aware that there are circumstances where consent may be required to use pupils’ personal information. The guide below sets out when consent may be required and how it should be obtained and recorded. It also includes useful template forms that can be adapted for use by schools when seeking consent.

GDPR : Schools' FAQs

Following the recent GDPR workshops with schools, EA has begun to develop a set of FAQs to address a range of queries that have been raised by Principals and others.  This document will be updated regularly.

GDPR Action Plan for Schools

The GDPR Action Plan for schools provides a summary of the key actions your school should take to prepare for GDPR.

    Data Protection Policy

    Each School must have a Data Protection Policy. Please find a template below. You should download the template, read and review it and revise the relevant highlighted sections. 

    Please note: you will need to revise the Data Protection Policy depending on whether or not you have chosen to use EA as your Data Protection Officer (DPO). This is clearly explained in the actual Data Protection Policy template itself.

    Privacy Notices

    Each school should have three Privacy Notices:

    • Privacy Notice - Pupils and Parents/Families/Carers/Legal Guardians
    • Privacy Notice - Teaching Staff
    • Privacy Notice - Non Teaching Staff

    The Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents/Families/Carers/Legal Guardians is standard across all schools and one template is provided below.  

    The Privacy Notice for Teaching Staff and the Privacy Notice for Non Teaching Staff are specific to your school type. A template for each is provided below. Please download the two relevant Privacy Notices for your school type, read and review them and revise the relevant highlighted sections. 

    Data Protection Statement

    Where schools are collecting personal information through paper or electronic forms, a Data Protection Statement must be included. Below is a template statement which schools can use on data capture forms.

    The Data Protection Statement informs people of the reasons why schools are collecting information and what the purpose is. It also directs people to where they can find further information in relation to schools’ privacy information.  

    ICO Promotional Materials

    The ICO has published a helpful pack of materials including posters and leaflets which can be printed and used in school to remind staff of the need to carefully handle personal information.

    Useful Resources

    EA has developed some useful resources which can be printed and used in school to remind staff of the need to carefully handle personal information.

    Last updated: 26/02/2020