Planned Intervention Programme

On behalf of The Executive Office, the Education Authority administers the Planned Intervention Programme.


Delivered annually as part of the Executive’s wider ‘Together: Building a United Community (T:BUC)’ Strategy, the Planned Intervention Programme provides funding for community activity to divert young people from anti-social and potentially criminal behaviour around contentious parades and public assemblies and to deal with heightened tension around interfaces during the summer period.

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Funding is made available each year from The Executive Office (TEO) for the provision of the Planned Intervention Programme, with awards of funding made to successful groups, subject to the availability of funding.

This funding is aimed at:

Young people in interface areas and areas where there is the potential of heightened social unrest during the summer period, particularly on weekend evenings and during the traditional times of community events.

Planned Intervention Programme Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Reduction in number of crime and antisocial behaviour incidents in the areas where the young people live

Outcome 2 - Reduction in the number of young people engaging in risk taking behaviours

Outcome 3 - Increase in the % of young people who think favourably about young people in the other community

Last updated: 29/05/2020