Help available for Pre-School Children

Find out what help is available for pre-school children with a hearing loss or who have a vision impairment.

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Sensory impairment can delay early childhood development, learning and language development.

We provide support from diagnosis, and in some cases this can be for children who are a few weeks old, and on through the child’s journey through the school years.

Referrals to our service should be made by health professionals and after receiving the referral we will contact the families.

Home Visiting Programmes – Early Years

Our staff will undertake home visits to support to families with a newly confirmed sensory loss. These programmes are designed to ensure families have access to broad, balanced, and unbiased information. 

Access to this service is by referral and we aim to make contact with families within two days from referral. Where possible emergency cover is provided to newly diagnosed children through a 52 week year.

The frequency of home visits is agreed with the family.

We also offer families opportunities to meet other parents of children with a sensory impairment.

Home Visiting Programme (Hearing Loss)

Our staff provide help at home to include some of the following:

  • Support the development of language and communication through play-based activities;
  • Provide assistance on using audiological equipment such as hearing aids, cochlear implant speech processors or Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs), including regular testing with a hearing aid analyser;
  • Undertake assessments to monitor the child’s progress and guide their learning.  

Home Visiting Programme (Vision Impairment)

Our staff provide help at home to include some of the following:

  • Offer advice and guidance to families to help them to understand their child’s vision impairment
  • Provide guidance on the potential implications of the diagnosis on the child’s development
  • Work in partnership with parents to help them to support their child’s development and use of vision through play.

Some aspects of this programme may be delivered jointly with Habilitation Specialists from Guide Dogs NI and Health and Social Care Trusts.

For more information on how to best support your child through their early years visit RNIB Early Years.

Last updated: 24/02/2021