General Information

We provide support, advice and training to teachers and other professionals working with children and young people with a sensory impairment so that they are well equipped to meet these children’s needs. Some of our recent training programmes have included:

  • Teacher and Classroom Assistant training in supporting children and young people with hearing loss or vision impairment in the classroom.
  • Teacher training in the use of audiological equipment.
  • Peer awareness training.

To discuss your potential school/staff training requirements contact us. To find out more about our training programme contact us.

We also provide information on specific types of sensory impairment and how these may impact on learning in schools. To access these resources you can visit our information and resources section or contact us.

Technical Equipment

Hearing Impairment Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment or assistive technology is necessary for some pupils in school. Radio aid systems are often required to help deaf children and young people to access the school curriculum.

We provide a loan system of equipment for pupils in schools, which can be accessed by XXXX.   

To find out more about the different types of equipment see our factsheets.

Vision Impairment Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment or assistive technology can provide ways to assist learners with vision impairment to develop their literacy skills, access information and present their work.

The Sensory Service provides advice and training on:

  • Low vision aids;
  • Skills in independent use of technology;
  • Advice on ICT requirements for parents/settings with regard to eg iPad accessibility and suitable apps to stimulate vision and maximise visual access;
  • Assessment, monitoring and review of assistive technology requirements.                     

To find out more see our factsheets.

Last updated: 24/02/2021